Monday, October 1, 2012

911 WTC Buildings Shattered By Underground Nucleur Detonation

In this presentation it is explained in detail how US Government officials used three underground thermo-nuclear explosions to demolish three buildings of the World Trade Center in New York during the 9/11 events: the WTC Twin Towers and the WTC building #7. In addition, it is explained why the US Government was obliged to demolish these buildings. It is claimed here that the US Government has actually three levels of 9/11 "truths". One "truth" -- for consumption by the general public (i.e. a version expressed by the 9/11 Commission Report. Another -- an "awful" and "confidential" one -- for exclusive consumption by middle-ranking officials. And the third one -- the real truth, which is known only to high-ranking US- officials and to some foreign dignitaries, to whom it was confided by the US authorities. It is explained that the Pentagon was struck not by a passenger plane -- American Airlines Flight 77 -- as claimed by a "public" version of the 9/11 "truth", but by a certain nuclear-tipped supersonic cruise missile which was later found unexploded in the middle of the Pentagon. The US officials were handed information (apparently by some "friendly" secret services) that two more similar nuclear warheads were allegedly planted by a third party in the upper floors of the WTC Twin Towers. The responsible US officials had no choice than to believe that claim, because an unexploded 500 kiloton nuclear warhead found in the Pentagon was a tough means to convince them. Therefore the US officials feared that the entire city of New York could be destroyed by a powerful nuclear airburst if they did not react promptly. It was decided to collapse the WTC Twin Towers by their in-built demolition feature that was, in turn, based on nuclear demolition charges positioned at 77 meters below the earth's surface under each Tower. Upon exploding deep underground these nuclear demolition charges produced powerful "crushing waves" that were directed upwards and pulverized the entire Towers' bodies up to 300-350 meters, which caused the Towers to collapse in a very strange manner that was shown on all contemporary 9/11 TV footage.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Ron Paul Foreign Policy: Mutually Assured Destruction vs Mutually Assured Respect

Doctor Ron Paul, Future President

Foreign Occupation Leads to More Terror

Ten years ago shocking and horrific acts of terrorism were carried out on US soil, taking over 3,000 innocent American lives. Without a doubt, this action demanded retaliation and retribution. However, much has been done in the name of protecting the American people from terrorism that has reduced our prosperity and liberty and even made us less safe. This is ironic and sad, considering that the oft-repeated line concerning the reasoning behind the attacks is that they hate us for who we are - a free, prosperous people - and that we must not under any circumstances allow the terrorists to win.

Though it is hard for many to believe, honest studies show that the real motivation behind the September 11 attacks and the vast majority of other instances of suicide terrorism is not that our enemies are bothered by our way of life. Neither is it our religion, or our wealth. Rather, it is primarily occupation. If you were to imagine for a moment how you would feel if another country forcibly occupied the United States, had military bases and armed soldiers present in our hometowns, you might begin to understand why foreign occupation upsets people so much. Robert Pape has extensively researched this issue and goes in depth in his book "Cutting the Fuse: The Explosion of Global Suicide Terrorism and How to Stop It". In fact, of 2,200 incidents of suicide attacks he has studied worldwide since 1980, 95% were in response to foreign occupation.

Pape notes that before our invasion of Iraq, only about 10% of suicide terrorism was aimed at Americans or American interests. Since, then however, not only is suicide terrorism greatly on the rise, but 91% of it is now directed at us.

Yes, the attacks of 9/11 deserved a response. But the manner in which we responded has allowed radicals in the Muslim world to advance a very threatening narrative about us and our motivation in occupying their lands. Osama bin Laden referred to us as "crusaders" with a religious agenda to convert Muslims, westernize their culture and take control of their resources. If we had targeted our response to only the thugs and criminals who attacked us, and refrained from invading countries that had nothing to do with it, this characterization would seem less plausible to the desperate and displaced. Blaming Islam alone is grossly misleading.

Instead, we chose a course of action that led to the further loss of 8,000 American lives, left 40,000 wounded and has hundreds of thousands seeking help at the Veterans Administration. We are three to four trillion dollars poorer. Our military is spread dangerously thin around the globe, at the expense of protection here at home. Not only that, but we have allowed our freedoms to be greatly threatened and undermined from within. The Patriot Act, warrantless searches and wiretapping, abuse of habeus corpus, useless and humiliating searches at airports are just a few examples of how we've allowed the terrorists to "win" by making our country less free.

Suicide terrorism did not exist in Iraq before we got there. Now it does. There are no known instances of Iranians committing suicide terrorism. If we invade and occupy Iran, expect that to change, too.

Sometimes it can be very uncomfortable to ask the right questions and face the truth. When a slick politician comes along and gives a much more soothing, self-congratulating version of events, it is very tempting to simply believe what we would like to hear. But listening to lies does not make us safer, even though it might make us feel better about ourselves.

The truth is that ending these misguided wars and occupations will make us safer, more prosperous and more free.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

All Men Are Created Equal To Jesus

The question to answer is; “how do I penetrate the chaos of the internet and the sleep-state of individual human consciousness to communicate my viewpoint?” First I think you have to ascertain that you yourself are not in a sleep-state. Obviously you see that the general population doesn’t think about much beyond the surface of what is offered to them through whatever media they are exposed to. Author Jan Irvin was on Alex Jones talking about mind control and talking about Trivium Education. During the course of the interview Mr. Irvin went out of his way to make a significant comment to Alex. He told Alex that he had to learn to think without emotions. I think that the solution to your question about communication on the internet lies within your own self and understanding how you receive communication. Your reception of communication is entirely dependent on your emotional attitude about the subject of the communication. It also stands to reason that your emotional attitude colors your own outbound communication.
In order to understand what is “emotional attitude” I want to shift to another angle on this subject. I want to define the true self of a human being through the Declaration of American Independence. To the point – “all men are created equal.” This “self-evident” truth is the cornerstone of Democracy. It is saying that ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL TO THE HIGHEST STANDARD OF HUMAN CREATION. For Thomas Jefferson and the other founding fathers the highest standard of human creation is Jesus of Nazareth. I say this because the Creator referred to by Jefferson in the Declaration of Independence and understood by all of the signers of the document, is the Creator who raised Jesus from the dead. What other God would they be referring to? The highest thought here is that God creates all humans as himself. Jesus of Nazareth as a man is the perfect creation of God. Jesus of Nazareth is the best that God can do. God creates all men equal to Jesus. This is the logical conclusion that comes from God being perfect. Logically he can only create perfection. He cannot create a man better than perfect Jesus nor can he create a man less than perfect Jesus and so every human is identically perfect with Jesus. This means that the basic state of mind – the true self – of all humans is identical to the self of Jesus of Nazareth. This state of mind of the self of Jesus is Creative PEACE. You might imagine that the surface of the mind of Jesus is like a perfectly still body of water without a single ripple. There is no tension. The feeling that comes off of the surface of the mind of Jesus is JOY because Joy is the will of God. This means that the natural state of mind of all humans is Peace and satisfaction actively expressing JOY.
What then are negative feelings if logically they do not arise spontaneously from the true self? What is the source of feelings of anger if those feelings don’t originate in the true self? Logically, all negative feelings come from outside of the true self. Defining the source of negative feelings is not important because the fact that they exist is self-evident and so understanding how to deal with these negative feelings is of primary importance. Because your thinking is controlled by how you feel about the subject of your thought it means that negative feelings that come from outside of yourself will displace the good feelings of your true self and create thought in your mind contrary to thoughts that the good feelings from your true self would create in your mind. In other words thoughts that are not from your true self. When your thinking is steered by negative feelings you have become a tool of those negative feelings. Thomas Jefferson referred to the control that negative feelings have on the mind as “tyranny over the mind of man” I’m sure you remember Jefferson’s oath; it’s right there at his memorial. He wrote, “I have sworn upon the Altar of God, eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man”. He declared his feelings of hostility against the negative feelings of hate, fear, despair, doubt, anger, and stupidity and any other negative feelings that could come up to stand in the way of Liberty..
It is a logical conclusion that the only thoughts that can be trusted as your own are those thoughts that occur when you are feeling your true self which is joy. Thoughts that occur to you under the bias of negative feelings will always be problematic, misleading, and off the point and cannot be trusted. You can only do your best problem-solving when you are being your best self and your best self has no doubt and no fear because your best self is creating joy all of the time. Being in a good mood is being yourself and being in a bad mood is being a hateful version of yourself.
To answer your question as to whether the internet is “dumbing us down” I would respond that the internet is just a mechanical vehicle without any intent and that the mass of humanity is being constantly “dumbed down” by non-human negative feelings that permeate the content of the WEB. Your solution will come from your true self by allowing yourself to feel like yourself all of the time. Real consciousness is the continual realization of your own happiness as the fulcrum of perception. Focusing on happiness as consciousness is the way we all are pursuing Happiness.
On a political level a person of consciousness becomes actionary versus reactionary. Instead of fearing the oppressors and allowing the fear-feeling to create in you imaginations of disasters which then brings you deeper into the circle of fear, dumbing you even more, the solution is to think about the oppressors without fear and allow solutions to their oppressions to occur in your mind and create imaginations of salvation for all mankind. Just the realization that our Creator endows all humankind with freedom and happiness creates a Democratic view of God in our minds in which he is a friend of all of the people. The view of God as a King is what is at the root of all tyrannical regimes and religions including King George’s England of 1776. The concept of God as King comes down through Mosaic Law and has been used by all secular and religious oppressors in the west as a validation of their tyrannical authority. The Declaration of Independence rejects tyrannical authority both secular and religious and rests real authority in the individual person. There are no ten commandments in the Declaration of Independence. There is no hate. There is only freedom to live and be happy.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The American Religion Defined In The Declaration of Independence

The American Religion Defined In The Declaration of Independence

by Timothy F. Ley M.A.

The American Church of Religious Freedom is the name that I have given to the religion of the American people that has existed unidentified within the two "self-evident" truths proclaimed on July 4, 1776 in the Declaration of American Independence.

Two hundred and thirty-four years ago, this July 4th our nation was as Abe Lincoln said in his Gettysburg Address "conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal." Out of this famous proposition of equality authored by Thomas Jefferson, emerged the co-principle of dynamic force and direction that states unequivocally in Jefferson’s words that all men are "endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights..."

Ever since that day, the phrase “all men are created equal” has piqued the minds of great thinkers world wide as to exactly what Jefferson meant by the phrase and likewise every American citizen has at one time or another tried to understand what equality means in America. All Americans know that equality comes with the endowment of “certain unalienable rights” but some Americans are unable to see the reality of Freedom in their lives under the present U.S. government administration.

In this present day, the American people are very much different from the people of 1776. Americans in those days were all Christian and belief in God was their primary fortitude. The thirteen colonies were possessions of Great Britain and all of the people were British subjects. Ever since Henry VIII was declared the head of, the church in England in 1532, that nation had been through a series of religious conflicts between the various Protestant sects and the Church of England and with Catholicism. Many English people that came to America were members of various Protestant sects or they were Catholics that wanted to practice their religion without the overbearing pressures of living in an England wrought by religious turmoil and dominated by a State Religion. The Americans of that day all believed in Jesus Christ – they just differed as to how to practice that belief. Jefferson wrote the Declaration of American Independence under these social conditions. Everybody then knew that Jefferson was writing about the God who raised Jesus from the dead when he used the word “created” and everybody knew that Jefferson’s reference to the “Creator” who endows us with “certain unalienable rights”, refers to the Bible verse in Genesis 1; 27 which says, “And God created man to his own image; to the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.”

Fifty-six men, representing us here now and all Americans through all time, at that historical congress in Philadelphia, signed their names in unanimous agreement with the Declaration of American Independence authored by Thomas Jefferson. By the agreement of these fifty-six men, we all who claim to be Americans are each and all committed to rest the strength of our nation directly upon belief in the one God who raised Jesus of Nazareth from the dead and on the belief that this one God endows each individual person with “certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.”

If you look closely, you will see that the two “self-evident" truths are a direct reflection of the Two Great Commandments that Jesus gave when he was questioned about natural law in Matthew 22; 36-40. Listen to these words and at the same time think about the two self-evident truths:

36. Master, which is the greatest commandment in the law? 37. Jesus said to him: “Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with thy whole heart, and with thy whole soul, and with thy whole mind. 38. This is the greatest and the first commandment. 39. And the second is like to this: Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.” 40. On these two commandments dependeth the whole law and the prophets.

It is perfectly clear to me that Thomas Jefferson was inspired by God to translate the two Great Commandments of Jesus Christ into the Law of Freedom upon which this great nation of America rests.

Are we not loving God with our whole heart, mind, and soul when we affirm and acclaim that God creates each of us equal to Himself?
Are we not loving our neighbor as our self when we agree that God endows us all equally with certain unalienable rights?

Has not Thomas Jefferson placed us safely in God’s care? Yes, he has because this revelation has been waiting for all of us for two hundred and thirty-four years. This revelation comes to us now because it is now that it is needed and Jefferson foresaw this day when government would lose its way.

We Americans of July 4, 2010 are now confronted in our faith in America because the citizens who are in control of our present government have demonstrated their corruption by overtly and hard-handedly suppressing the freedoms of Americans; by interfering with American farmers’ freedom to grow whatever plants they decide to plant; by making unnatural laws against that which our Creator, who has endowed us, has made holy – Cannabis for example; by giving aid to enemy regimes (like Saddam Hussein) and making American citizens pay for such treasonous aid; by making alliances with enemies of Freedom; by engaging in unjust wars and causing the death of innocent people; by causing the needless death of American soldiers in wars of aggression against the peace and liberty of the American people thereby violating the very principles that are set forth in the Declaration of American Independence. The regresses for such violations by any government are clearly declared when Jefferson’s words blare forth as a command to all Patriots:

“That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.”

We have reached a juncture point in the expansion of American Liberty where any “tyranny over the mind of man” needs to be swept aside as “destructive” of the end purposes of Liberty. Thomas Jefferson clarified his thinking about unalienable rights when he wrote in 1786 in his Virginia Act For Establishing Religious Freedom that “the rights hereby asserted are of the natural rights of mankind, and that if any act shall be hereafter passed to repeal the present or to narrow its operation, such act will be an infringement of natural right.”

The agreement signed by those fifty-six Americans is the embryonic foundation of the political system upon which our nation is to be constructed. These defining conditions of our Democracy are spiritual in nature and constitute the “Spirit of America”. Taking the “self-evident” truths in a strictly literal sense brings forth a religion of freedom. The Cambridge Dictionary says, “Religion is the belief in and worship of a god or gods, or any such system of belief and worship.” The words that define the religion of the American Church of Religious Freedom are clearly stated when it is written in the Declaration of American Independence that, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal and that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.”

The fifty-six signers of the Declaration of American Independence clearly and unanimously established “belief in and worship of a god…” in declaring the two “self-evident” truths.

Is it not belief and worship to recognize and acclaim God as the author of our existence and of our life in His creation and to recognize and acclaim that this one God endows each one of us with “certain unalienable rights” which in fact means a primary right of unrestricted Religious Freedom? Does not Religious Freedom encompass all freedoms? A citizen's life is freedom of religion because the citizen may define all personal actions as the expression of his or her own religion. As long as my actions do not violate another citizen's freedom I am free to live as I see fit and do the things that I deem necessary for my happiness.

The establishment of this unique American religion as the basis for our Democracy is a divine act of God which touches each American individually and offers every American haven and protection against “every form of tyranny over the mind of man” (Tom Jefferson). “Tyranny over the mind of man” is recognized in our present day American political leaders. They enact and support laws that are contrary to the natural law of Freedom because they are godless in their thinking. Their thinking does not joyfully reflect the goodness and mercy of the One All-Loving God who created us equal to Himself and endowed us with equal "unalienable rights" but rather their thinking reflects the twisted and unnatural impulses of self-destruction that are unceasingly projected by Satan upon all men. I am confident that Tom Jefferson was thinking of 1Peter 5; 6-9 when he made his oath. The Apostle Peter says this:

6. “So humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, that he may exalt you in due time. 7. Cast all your worries upon him because he cares for you. 8. Be sober and vigilant. Your opponent the devil is prowling around like a roaring lion looking for (someone) to devour. 9. Resist him, steadfast in faith, knowing that your fellow believers throughout the world undergo the same sufferings”.

I believe that this statement by the Apostle Peter matches The U.S. motto, “In God We Trust”. The only way freedom can rein supreme over our land is for each American to trust in the Creator, be confident in the two "self-evident" truths, at the same time be wise enough to recognize the evil influence that Satan has over the mind of man, and not allow that influence to tyrannize their own mind.

We free ourselves from this Satanic “tyranny over the mind of man” by joining Thomas Jefferson in his sacred oath the words of which are etched into the stone around the rotunda of his memorial in Washington, DC. - “I have sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.” - It is obvious to me that Tom Jefferson recognized that the enemy of freedom was the age-old enemy of humanity – Satan - and that the battleground was in every man’s mind. Jefferson knew that freedom was a mental state of peace and good will towards all men. Is not the ultimate aim of American Democracy that is declared in the Declaration of American Independence, to live in peace and harmony without fear by placing our complete trust in the God revealed in the two "self-evident" truths? The God of the “self-evident” truths judges all men equal to Him and sentences them all to eternal freedom in Joy. There is no condemnation in the God of America – there is only equality and freedom of eternal Life in Joy.

The religion unknowingly established by the founders of our great nation, is the mental tool for Americans to use to free their minds from Satan’s fearful grasp. By prayerfully contemplating, the "self-evident" truths of Holy Creation and Sacred Endowment, Americans can commit to trust in God and make themselves feel the Joy of Liberty under God. It is the feeling of Joy that is undefeatable in a man. Is it not always true that Joy is Fearless? How can a man feel anything else if he is feeling Joy? The man joyous in the Creator cannot be enslaved by evil. The courage and strength of America comes through the Joy of the American people.

I would like to note here that the “Joy of Liberty under God” must first exist as a desire visualized in the heart of each American citizen. What I mean is that you must force yourself to feel Joyful immediately, knowing that it is not only logical to feel continuously Joyful because of your trust in God but also it is the wise thing to do in order to prevent “any form of tyranny over” your mind. Your agreement to accept God’s endowment requires you to feel Joy as a demonstration of your trust in God. Your joy will attract others to you so you may tell them about the American religion found in The Declaration of American Independence.

You have nothing to worry about if you hope and trust in God. That which stops you from being worry-free and feeling Joyful is what Thomas Jefferson refers to as the “tyranny over the mind of man” which means satanic influence of fear and doubt. Your holding the truths of personal creation and endowment by God as "self-evident", is the Joy that overwhelms all tyranny over your mind. There is no doubt in Joy – There is only Faith and confidence in Joy. Command your mind to be joyful at all times and let yourself be a Patriot in thought, considering the two "self-evident" truths as your reason for action, dedicated to honoring the Creator and dedicated to respecting the "unalienable rights" of all citizens.

My conclusion about this truth of the religion existing in the Declaration of American Independence is that for an American to ethically claim for himself or herself the “certain unalienable rights” stated as “self-evident” truth, he or she must consciously recognize and acclaim the Divine nature of the Declaration of American Independence and consciously recognize and acclaim the spiritual relationship that is established between every citizen with God. The spiritual relationship between the individual citizen and all other citizens is expressed, as “E Pluribus Unum” which applied here to Americans would translate as “one person out of many persons”. I know that many people interpret the ‘Unum” as meaning one nation out of many people but that is not a well thought out conclusion. Clearly, the application of the phrase by Thomas Jefferson would refer to one person as the ideal standard of unity out of all persons, namely Jesus Christ. The concept of the “mystical body of Christ”, in which Christ is the head of the body and all humanity are the members of the body is a basic tenet of all Christian Faith. Applying the concept here in the two “self-evident” truths reveals that God creates all humans equal to Jesus Christ, with the same rights and authority as Jesus. This reminds me of what Jesus said to the Jews when they got mad about him saying that he was the son of God. Jesus answered them: “Is it not written in your law: I said you are gods?” (Matt 10; 34).

The practical application of “E pluribus Unum” to myself as a citizen is that I think of myself as Jesus and in that state of mind I then think of each other citizen as Jesus. From such a viewpoint, I then act accordingly, exercising my freedom without interfering with the freedom of another citizen. From such a viewpoint, I mind my own business and do not question another citizen’s personal beliefs nor try to impose my beliefs on another citizen. I am free to speak my mind and that is the only tool of influence that I value and use in my relationship with other citizens. Under such social conditions of an enlightened free people, the only responsibility of a government is to protect all citizens from theft or harm or any impedance to their liberty. This condition of Freedom does not exist in America today because the government seeks to invade the personal freedom of Americans under the pretext of protecting them from supposed evils that the government has in fact, created out of their treasonous actions.
“Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country.” How, you may ask, may I aid my country? I believe the first thing needed is to take off the fearful blinders of National security imposed upon all Americans by the government and corporate controllers of our society who use all means available whether by guile or force, to manipulate the American people’s lives to comply with the needs of production. These controllers use the media to manipulate the mood and perceptions of the American people. They train us to believe that conformity with the system of commerce and profit is the right thing to do and they condition us to believe that individualism of mind is not normal. Any human activity that interferes with production is pronounced evil and punishable; Morality is dictated by bureaucrats whose minds are tyrannized by satanic urgings of self-destruction. The hearts of these controlling citizens are corrupted into hate of all that is true and good and their minds construct ideas of death and destruction seeing that as the way for America to survive. They place no trust in God because they do not know God. They live among us, pretending politely to be our friends but when they are alone their minds are steeped in schemes and manipulations tyrannized by Satan. Ask these citizens if they think that God approves the execution of a citizen and they will say it is so, which proves they have twisted in their minds the unequivocal truth of every citizen's unalienable right to life. If you accept the religion of freedom, which God has endowed us with, then you act as Jesus and you respect the right to life of all Americans with no exceptions. My God is the Giver of Life and does never take life away. My God creates me eternally equal to Him in all things and He endows me with His own Self, which I am. I know that all other humans are the same as I am

I submit to all Americans, that you must accept this Religion of Freedom, approved by the Founding Fathers of America and you must be wise by willing your entire being to accept and acclaim this Religion with open arms and a joyful spirit. By doing this you become a soldier of freedom, ready to defend this nation against “every form of tyranny over the mind of man.” The weapon you have as a soldier of freedom in America is your free speech and your Joy. Speak to your fellow citizens about the reality of the Religion of Freedom proclaimed in the Declaration of American Independence. Join the American Church of Religious Freedom in the solitude of your own mind and heart by accepting and acclaiming what the Creator has done.

For those of you who would say “I don’t believe in God” - by your own words you deny your unalienable rights. Better that you say nothing, or else real Americans will reject you as un-American because you deny the source and power of American Democracy – God.

Americans! – Rethink your lives in accordance with the two “self-evident” truths. Rescind all laws against individual freedom including all laws against Cannabis. The Creator who has endowed us with his person makes all things holy including Cannabis. "And the Angel said to Peter, 'Do not call profane what God has made holy!'" (Acts 10; 15.)